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How Did Multifamily Demand Stack up Against Other Commercial Real Estate in Q2?

Demand for multifamily assets remain strong even during this ongoing pandemic. Check out the following excerpt and data from Marcus and Millichap’s August Research Brief for Q2 demand (full report here): “Multifamily leasing resumes in force. Ongoing employment growth and the resumption of many normal routines bolstered household formation in the spring and summer, leading […]

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Inferred vs. Fundamental Demand Analysis

When it comes to rental property investing, even for passive investors, it is critical to understand how the forces of demand influence desirability for a key market. Conceptually, there are two approaches to demand analysis, Inferred and Fundamental. I will describe each using the Appraisal Institute’s definition for each term. Inferred Analysis:Demand projected on the […]

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Market Review: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Positive trend of population growth. Low unemployment relative to past 5 years, 10 years and national average. Strength from many jobs available to support healthy employment in the city. Jobs varieties spread across multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, aviation, telecommunications and technology. The housing trend demonstrates consistent rent growth, increase in supply and declining rental […]

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Market Review: Jacksonville, Florida

Summary of Jacksonville’s market attractiveness: Large land space provides many real estate opportunities Attractions include Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Theater, Jacksonville Zoo and Beaches Strong and diverse job market-Strong rent growth and declining vacancies trend Large developments in process in downtown and surrounding areas In this market review, I share some interesting insights on a market […]

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Market Review: Brevard County, Florida

In this market review, I analyze Brevard County in Florida. Brevard county consists of several cities, such as Cocoa, Titusville, Palm Bay and Melbourne, with Melbourne and Palm Bay being the areas of growth in population. The 321 area code was assigned to it for its association with the Space Program (3-2-1-Liftoff) headquartered in Cape […]

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