How To Invest Most Effectively

Getting started is very difficult. You need seed money. Your budget is tight as it is. But you cannot invest without that initial investment. For this reason, Investment #1 is always the hardest.

But then Investment #1 starts to pay you cash flow. Now it starts to feel like it is working. Give it some time (allowing for the occasional operating expense and fixes, assuming this is a rental property) and that cash flow starts to accumulate into a meaningful amount of money. This allows you to fund your next investment. And from here is gets boring.

Nothing new happens. Your cash flow grows and so does your reinvestment. You will be tempted to buy some nice things (and maybe you should to celebrate life; but be careful to get back to business). The compounding power of your investment shocks you and one day you realize that it does not take genius or revolutionary thought. Just a bit of self-control and commitment. Anyone and everyone can do it.

Why should it not be you?

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