Two Types of Problems for The Middle Class

As the American middle class, we most likely can look around our lives and we see that we have been adorned with immense blessings. A house, two nice cars, healthy, literate children…we are insanely wealthy when we compare our lives to those in most other countries.

Yet, we know that we have our own sets of life issues: the demands of work, managing children, making special time for our significant others, retirement, children’s sports, the list goes on. So, in spite of all of our relative wealth, why do we still stress and worry? I summarize your and my problem into two different issues: money and time.

1️⃣ The Money Problem

This is a typical burden for both lower and middle-class Americans. With the rising costs of living , job salaries that do not keep up with inflation and the desire to keep up with the Jones’, it is no surprise that year after year, we struggle to make any sort of forward progress financially.

With our extra funds, we choose to buy liabilities that cost us money instead of assets that pay us each month. I will admit, it is a struggle personally to choose to stay on track, but we have the means to do it. Passive investing in multifamily real estate is my asset class of choice and one that all Americans should consider.

2️⃣ The Time Problem

Now, the time problem is one that is more difficult to understand. Especially for the upper-middle class, we have mistaken our understanding of wealth for one in which we trade disproportionate amounts of our finite time for money. Yes, our earnings are high and we have more than enough to live comfortably, but the cost of that earned income is 40 hours a week for most, and 50-60 hours a week those with the largest responsibilities. It is extremely harmful physically, mentally and relationally to run at that speed for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, most working professionals do not know that there are other ways to earn income. Ways in which their money is working harder than they are. Ways in which their passive income can meet and even exceed their highly taxed earned income, giving them the status of “job-optional,” meaning they can choose how to spend their time and add value to the world. This is the vision and reality that I want to instill in those who dare not yet familiar with passive investing in real estate. Check out this post to understand more about the lives of though who have chosen to buy assets out of their extra income, diversify from their 401k’s and stocks and let the formula prove successful.

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Author: Rodney