Improving Apartment Safety and Tenant Quality

The subject of resident safety and welfare is not often discussed in the apartment investing community. Here at Robinson Capital, improving communities in which we invest is a core piece of our mission, so we ensure to discuss our strategies for communities to win alongside us. A big piece of safety and tenant quality is security.

On-Site Security

Often times, C-class and lower neighborhoods may have a mix of hard-working people seeking shelter and decent living and others who may not have the same innocent goals. Unfortunately, apartment communities can be mixed with the various motives and this can make it tough for the residents living there and the image of the property and community.

What I have learned is that tackling the safety and tenant quality on day-one after acquisition is very effective in changing the community. One way to do so is to implement stronger security into the community plan. This can be onsite security or allowing a police officer to stay onsite free of charge. This deterrent is highly effective, as trouble-makers tend to look for the path of least resistance and will take there business elsewhere.

Community Culture

When the property management joins the team to manage the property, we require a genuine desire and concern for residents, valuing their concerns and feedback, taking them seriously and working to resolve to closure. If there are complaints about noise, weird behavior and so on, our expectation is that the property management team attends to them and effectively dispositions the issue. As a result and community culture is created. The more problems they fix, the more issues the residents share with greater transparency. After a short while, the problems will resolve themselves and the apartment quality and image is restored.

Community is very important to us and our investors. When we invest, we seek for all parties to win throughout the transformation of the project. Join us on our mission!

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