The Dangers of Mediocrity in Our Financial Perspective

The Dangers of Mediocrity in Our Financial Perspective

In this lifetime, most of us are well-meaning; we want good for ourselves and others by our actions. Unfortunately, that is not enough for a purposeful life. Without goals and planning we can easily miss the mark to where we someday want to be. Each day is a moment to put a point on the scoreboard, and each moment of inaction leads us to a lost game.

For example, most of us want to achieve financially, but how many have written goals? If you are married, without a set of goals outlined between you and your spouse, you may be winging it. Alignment is key.

Failure is not usually the result of one fatal decision, but the result of many decisions that negatively compound and lead to undesirable results. Using the personal finance example, people usually do not end up in a dire financial situation overnight; it is the compounding result of ongoing choices. Where many people go wrong is not seeing the consequences from the daily decisions they make, or do not make.

To have decent success, one should concern himself or herself with making the right choices. To achieve a purposeful and grand mission, the worry should be about the decisions not made, that is, the steps not taken.

In growing your wealth portfolio, it is the steps not taken that keep people from good to great. The people in this category have a great 401k, stocks, wonderful income and wonderful living, but do not progress from there for many reasons. However, my general belief is this happens our of a lack of desire to take more steps.

If you are a working professional who can relate and you are curious about potential next steps in your financial journey, one of diversification and exposure to the best asset class on the planet, I put together a free guide that can help you understand an option of passive investing in apartments. Check out the Passive Investor Startup Guide.

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