How the 4-Hour Work Week Helped My Real Estate Business

How the 4-Hour Work Week Helped My Real Estate Business

I read Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week around the same year I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which consistently receives the number one spot for top influence by many investors. While Rich Dad, Poor Dad moved me and changed my mindset, the 4-Hour Work Week planted seeds that I did not even know existed until I started my real estate investing business.

In the book, Ferris talks about how he managed to grow his business and still enjoy life. By implementing systems and having balance, he argues that you can build something great that works for you without you getting sucked into it. After having brought my first rental property, I knew that systems would be critical to both success and sanity, and while being a first-time landlord it was not painless, it was without much pain.

From the book, I learned a new concept and idea about wealth; that it is not all about dollars, but about sanity and control. The control that I am referring to is does not pertain just to resources such as cash and buying power, but about time. Here in America, we often seek wealth in dollars, which we could always get more of, and in exchange give up our time, something we cannot get more of.

The 4-Hour Work Week thought me the power of time wealth; building something that produces wealth in dollars and allows for wealth in time. Below my conscious level, I began to seek investment strategies that supported my desire to grow something special while creating time wealth. It was then in 2013 that I came across real estate.

Today, I am an advocate for passive investing because of the same opportunities that it can provide for other people. My desire is to share with working professionals the idea that, as hard as they work, they can have money work harder, producing more dollars even as they relax in their off-hours. Getting that first rent check or cash distribution is a life-changing experience and creates an invigoration and refreshment towards new opportunity. Anyone can create wealth in real estate, and I argue that everyone should have real estate in their investment portfolio.

Whether one actively invests, sourcing deals, doing the heavy lifting, securing financing, etc., or passively invests, working with others as limited partners in multi-family investments, he or she too is working towards achieving theit 4-hour work week, allowing them the desired time to work on a hobby, volunteer at a church, spend time with your grandchildren, and more.

The 4-Hour Work Week was a great reminder that I could achieve something great within my means and sanity. I highly recommend to any working professional seeking insight on this wonderful perspective.

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