Why Busy Professionals Should Consider Passively Investing in Apartment Syndications

Why Busy Professionals Should Consider Passively Investing in Apartment Syndications

We busy professionals may work in different fields and have varying degrees of studies and experience, but we have a few notable characteristics in common. We are good at what we do, We are known in our fields as professionals, we make good money doing it and there is something about our careers that we appreciate. However, deep inside, we want to be entrepreneurs. We want to be investors. We want to be savvy with our money and make it work very hard.

Active vs. Passive

Many busy professionals consider real estate investing through active means, flipping houses, making deals on rentals or wholesaling. But as many find out, actively investing is another job, and it is hard enough with our one existing demanding profession. So after coming to the conclusion that active investing is not the thing for them, many working professionals give up on the concept of real estate as a wealth-building vehicle in favor of focusing on their 401k, stocks and other risky asset classes. They do this because, unfortunately, many busy professionals do not know about the vast opportunities for “normal” people to invest in real estate passively.

This is why I exist…

My passion and life work is to help others learn of their options for wealth creation outside of the traditional means. I personally began my multifamily investment journey in 2020 when COVID hit and I was afforded the opportunity to work remotely. I soaked in everything I could – podcast, blogs, meetup, conferences – to learn about apartment syndication and how to take the journey of a passive investor in effort to be a great syndicator.

I embarked on the passive investor journey

I certainly did take the journey. I rolled over my old 401k into an EQRP and eventually invested in a real estate fund as a limited partner and lived to tell the story. In real estate, there is nothing more passive than being a limited partner in an apartment syndication. As busy professionals, the only work we truly have to do is find the right sponsor, understand his or her skills, track record and credentials, ensure there is alignment of interest and develop a relationship based on trust. Once that’s trust is established and there is high confidence that you are working with the right sponsor on the right opportunity, you can truly sit back and collect your distributions.

Busy professionals want this…

As a busy professional myself, I know many others just like me – project managers, engineers, teachers, accountants, attorneys, analysts, business leads, the list goes on – who would appreciate this life-changing education. I do not want to keep it a secret, so I share as much as I can. If apartment investing is attractive to you, check out our passive investor startup guide below to get your feet wet in how one can create true passive income and wealth from multifamily real estate.

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Passive Investor Startup Guide

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