Wrestling with Real Estate with Barri Griffiths – Podcast 16
I was given the privilege to speak with Barri Griffiths, former WWE wrestler turned investor, on his podcast, Wrestling with Real Estate. Here, I talk about my experiences as a leasing agent in college, how that helped my transition into single families and and my journey to multi-family investing. 

Guest writer for The Fortes Company blog for passive investors.
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Guest on Beating Alpha Episode 147
I was blessed with the privilege of speaking with Martynas Fedotovas on his awesome podcast, Beating Alpha, where I shared my journey into multi-family, what drives me, and the mission of Robinson Capital. Check it out!

Guest on Episode 907 of The Real Estate Syndication Show
I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a guest on The Real Estate Syndication Show with Whitney Sewell. What a great discussion. I was able to share my journey into multi-family investing as well as describe what I believe is a critical mindset shift that propels people to take massive action on their wealth building journey.

Real Estate Ventures Podcast Episode 14
I was blessed to join Pinny and discuss marketing and building your platform and how that has helped get word out about our apartment investing business, Robinson Capital.

Advanta IRA Webinar – Real Estate Investing for Working Professionals
If you are a busy professional, you want to check out this webinar. I talk about mindset, making it all work, and taking that next step! Thanks, Corey DaHarsh for the opportunity to speak to your audience!

Diary of An Apartment Investor Podcast with Brian Briscoe and Guest Tim Bratz
This podcast is truly like no other. Brian, the host, brings an experienced apartment investor on the show and one with less experience to discuss the industry, lessons learned and the best advice one can give. What a treat!
I got to ask some great questions about time management, focus and priority when it comes to scaling a multifamily business.

Make It Rain Episode 73 with Luc and Daisy Serrano
I had the privilege to join all-stars Daisy and Luc Serrano on the Make It Rain podcast. Their podcast is aimed at educating millennials on financial growth, wealth building and of course, apartment investing. At the conclusion of the podcast, they asked for the best advice that I can give millennials today.
Check it out to find out what I said.

Real Estate Abundance Podcast With Allen Lomax – Episode 89
What a pleasure it was speaking with Allen and his audience on the what it looks like to be a working professional who passively invests in real estate. We talk about the possibilities and how one makes that transition, including the mindset shift from one that is liabilities focused to income-producing, compounding asset focused.

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate w/ Sam Wilson – Episode 420 – On this great show, Sam and I discuss what I believe are the most important things every working professional and passive investor should know!