How To Be Irreplaceable In Your Career

There is a myth that says in order to be irreplaceable, you must conceal what you know, not share your expertise and essentially be the single point of failure. Actually, to be irreplaceable, you must be the opposite.

You must be a giving mentor, not threatened by new and fresh talent, promoting and celebrating the skills which surround you. In doing these things, you assign less importance to “being irreplaceable,” and instead place greater value on moving the ball forward: progressing the organization, solving the problem, making a difference.

What some have sadly found is that there is no such thing as truly being irreplaceable in the workplace. Those who spend their careers being selfish will still have their name tag replaced outside their cube with the next person’s. So instead of hindering progress, give, collaborate, facilitate progress and fresh thought!

This is truly how you make a difference!

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Author: Rodney