How To Overcome The Fear of Risk

How To Overcome The Fear of Risk

Today, on the video channel, I discuss how to creat habits that allow us to overcome our inherent and paralyzing fear of risk.


1️⃣ Most of us see risk as a bad thing, but it is simply something to be managed.

2️⃣ Without even realizing it, we deal with risk in most of our decisions.

3️⃣ Do not let the fear of risk keep you from taking your next step (in finances, business, personal goals, etc.).

4️⃣ Face risk head on by looking for ways to mitigate it or eliminate it altogether. Example: with my first rental property, I was afraid of having bad tenants. To mitigate this risk, I screened well and did not just sign the first tenants I met. I qualified them with credit and background screening and set expectations. I worked well. In other words, the risk was managed!

5️⃣ Think about those things you fear and what risks you are truly dealing with. This is a game changer!


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