The Best Investment Education You Can Get

The Best Investment Education You Can Get

I have interacted with many people who have been interested in learning about the wealth-building power of real estate and means by which they can invest. Since having begun my education journey in 2013, I have utilized various resources – 99% percent of them are free – to catapult my knowledge and allow me to take action.

Top Resources For Investing Education

In fact, there are so many options and sources out there, that we are limited to how many we can absorb. However, because I have come across so many great resources over the ears, I decided to document my favorite tools/sources for learning about real estate or other related subjects such as personal finance, mindset and discipline, and investing. You can see these top resources on my Recommended Resources page.

Here, you will find books, podcasts, blogs on multiple subjects centered around growing wealth and using real estate as a tool towards that objective. With any big endeavor, it understandably difficult to get started due to not knowing where to start. One can be either paralyzed by not having initial access to enough resources or having too many. I believe that to focus on one aspect of education, and then another, and so on, is critical so as not to become scatterbrained or unfocused, which will unlikely lead to you making any traction towards massive action.

Paid Education vs. Free Education

I have seen people pay large amounts of money for education that can be obtained for free on the internet or very inexpensively through books. I strongly encourage anyone who is considering paying for an expensive course or “mentorship” to first explore as many free resources as possible and take initial action. Not doing so can cause analysis paralysis, an unfortunate epidemic, and can run up your expenses at the risk of never doing anything with the education you paid for.

Subject Area Focus

I continue to read and reread books on the subject of real estate, entrepreneurship and wealth-building. I have a few go-to podcasts for great information and insight on economics, diversification and of course, real estate. Whereas in the past, I tried to keep up with every release of multiple podcasts (which will drive you crazy, I tell you!), I found that this is not necessary. There is an abundance of information out there and it is impossible to soak it all up. Don’t try. Instead do this:

  • Focus on learning one subject
  • Focus on reading one book
  • Dive into one podcast
  • Take your next step constantly

Not doing that last point will leave you highly educated with no experience. You know how to fly a plane, but have never flown one. Unfortunately, that will not grow your wealth.

I encourage you to use this blog as one of your go-to resources. I share my stories and experiences, essential wealth-building concepts, and of course, how to grow wealth through my favorite (and hopefully yours) asset class, multi-family real estate.

So, if you do not know by now, my belief is that for most people who are getting started, the best education is free! Speaking of free, download our Passive Investor Startup Guide, the ultimate beginner’s guide to understanding real estate and how normal working professionals can invest in multifamily assets, and why they should do it.

Passive Investor Startup Guide

To find out more about what it looks like to invest as a passive investor in multi-family real estate, download our free Passive Investor Startup Guide here!

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Passive Investor Startup Guide