Why Now Is A Great Time To Be In Corporate America

Why Now Is A Great Time To Be In Corporate America

I spend a great portion of time writing and speaking about the importance of passive investing and its benefits to working professionals, but I have not spent as much time discussing how to succeed as a working professional.

A Bright Future

I have been in Corporate America for over 15 years and in all my time, never have I felt more convinced that this very moment is a great time for ambitious, mendable talent to be in the workforce. As you may have heard, there is the well-known gap between soon-to-be retirees and young, less-experienced talent, leaving little in between these two extremes. Companies, like the many that I have worked for in the last decade, are quickly attempting to fill those gaps with the highest-quality talent they can find. What I noticed is that talent tends to be younger and less experienced, likely-because the pool of candidates was so small.

How To Navigate

This presents opportunities for people like you: ambitious and ready for growth, responsibility and greater influence. Rather than leave your leadership with a tough decision, by working hard today in your current role, expressing interest in growth and sincerely sharing your goals and satisfaction with your leadership, you have the opportunity to make the decision for the next role very easy for those above you.

Stick With It!

But here is where it is counterintuitive: it is possibly best for you stick with your current company. Unless you are unhappy, the values do not align, or you have simply been repeatedly overlooked or passed up for those roles you feel you are ready for, stay long enough for things to change. In many organizations, the org chart changes every year and even months. There is lots of movement due to retirees and the growing business needs. Start working on your next job now!

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