The Worst Career Advice I Ever Received

Many well-meaning people can often give sub-par advice. In the mix of great career advice that I have received over the years, there have been some less than stellar tips that others have shared with me. The one that stands out the most is this:

Jump Ship To Get Your Promotion and Come Back Later

On the surface, this is not terrible advice. After all, I have made moves away from and back to the same company more than once. While in the short run I found these transitions beneficial, to make it a goal from the beginning an encourage short-sightedness. Yes, these days no one wants to stay in the same role for longer than three years, but as best as we can, it is beneficial to change roles within the same company. There are three benefits to doing so:

1️⃣ Building Relationships and Familiarity: you are not leaving to restart your inter-company relationship building all over again.

2️⃣ Reputation: You are not forming a reputation as a jumper, but as someone who is spreading your experience within the same company, demonstrating a long-term view.

3️⃣ Future Opportunities: When leadership has the option, they are often most willing to promote internally to someone who has climbed the ladder and made lateral moves, gaining experience in various segments and functions of the company.

When Transitioning Out of the Organization Makes Sense

There are times when transitioning out of the company is the better choice. If you do not align on the organizations core values or beliefs, for example, perhaps you should find a better fit. If you have truly exhausted all resources and energy in seeking your next opportunity, or you feel that your skills and value is being overlooked, perhaps moving on is best.

Exercise caution in being quick to jump. In some seasons you must power through the difficulty. A long term view is always best. Hold out for the reward.

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