The Importance of Trustworthy Investment Firms for Your Passive Investment

The Importance of Trustworthy Investment Firms for Your Passive Investment

For those who are new to private investing and passive investing in syndications, it can be overwhelming to consider each of the steps to position yourself to make your first investment: the mindset shift to passive income, getting educated on diversification and the attraction to multifamily real estate, networking with others in the space, lining up your finances to be ready for the right investment opportunity and so on.

But, of course, there is more to consider and perhaps the most important decision one can make on where to put their investment dollars is “who” to invest with. Especially now, during this season of high demand for real assets, there are many syndicators, firms and capital raisers emerging, claiming to have great deals that investors do not want to miss. The best thing passive investors can do is weed out the noise and develop a solid relationship with an honest, trustworthy and ethical investment firm.

Firms with these qualities will do what they say they will do and always make the honest, ethical choice. Passive investors want to know their firm is executing the business plan as promised, communicating transparently and consistently and issuing distributions when they say they will. Further, firms should do right by residents and communities to ensure all parties, investors and communities, win.

Safe Investing!


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