One Mistake In The Pursuit of Financial Freedom

One Mistake In The Pursuit of Financial Freedom

Chasing financial freedom is not a bad thing. Freedom from debt, financial burden and generational hardship is good on the surface. However, so many people, including myself on occasion, make dedicate their whole life to this elusive goal.

The Main Thing

My brother once called me rich, and when I denied it, he asked me at what point will I say that I am rich and I have made it. It got me thinking: “Wow, he is right. We are never truly satisfied and can make our finances our main goal in life….for the rest of our lives!

If we are not careful, we can spend the rest of our lives chasing financial freedom. Instead, finances should be a season of life, kind of like adolescence. You accomplish the season and you move on to your next mission and even purpose.

The Long View

Unfortunately, instead of beating their finances, some people allow their short-term desires to set them back, wanting more, leveraging more, working for more, and they never get out of this season. If you can put off those things, save for them and dream about them, those achievements can come later – No for now.

I once heard a wise person equate life with the game of chess, saying that the problem with people is that they want to live like kings before they make it to the other side of the board. Beat the level, move on and be patient with those things you dream of!

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