Ask an Expert – Guest Appearance on Diary of An Apartment Investor Podcast

Ask an Expert – Guest Appearance on Diary of An Apartment Investor Podcast

I am super thankful to have had the opportunity to join Brian Briscoe and Guest Tim Bratz on the Diary of Investor podcast. This podcast is truly like no other.

Brian, the host, brings an experienced apartment investor on the show and one with less experience to discuss the industry, lessons learned and the best advice one can give. What a treat!

I got to ask some great questions about time management, focus and priority when it comes to scaling a multifamily business.

Below is a summary of my biggest takeaways:

  • Every successful mission takes continuous dedication and focus; do not start a venture or journey unless you believe you can stick with it for at least three years
  • Scaling a business requires tactful use of resources and building a great team. Early on in your venture, you will seemingly do everything and there may be imbalance of time, but over time, building systems and processes creates order and personal balance
  • Tim’s early entrepreneurial journey was very busy and chaotic; today he spends mornings working on his business and has much of his day left for family. Meanwhile, the business works on itself!

Thank you Brian for the opportunity and Tim for taking the time to answer my questions!

Check out the full interview here 👇🏾

Diary of An Apartment Investor Podcast with Brian Briscoe and Guest Tim Bratz

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