Becoming a Professional Passive Investor

Becoming a Professional Passive Investor

Many people think that to become a real estate investor, you have to quit your job, find deals, work with lenders, do your own rehabs, and so on. Sure, that is the path for many successful real estate investors, but not all. We most attribute real estate investing to an active involvement, but there are many investors who have made a lifestyle of the passive investment side.

Passively Investing Full-Time?

I once attended a meetup where the guest was a full-time passive investor. That’s right. Rather than go the active route, he spends this current season finding passive investment opportunities with sponsors he trusts. Probably on the extreme side for most of us, but this highlights three important things about passive investing in real estate.

  1. Passive investing allows you to focus on your investment portfolio.
  2. Passive investing allows you the time to spend your life as you please.
  3. Passive investing bends to your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

The speaker of that event seemed relatively free of stress and spoke about how his sole focus is to figure out the best opportunities for his investment capital. He does not need to source deals; he has great sponsors who regularly do so better than he could and share those opportunities with him. He spends a portion of his spare time researching those opportunities. With the remainder of his time, he spends his life the way he’d like.

Everyone Has A Different Path

Shoot. What a great way to live! Here is the thing to remember. First, I believe anyone could and, to a degree, everyone should invest in real estate as part of their wealth building plan. Not everyone has the same path. But where they are on the active-to-passive spectrum varies.

Most of my readers are working professionals who read these blogs on their desktop at work (stay focused). They are probably good at what they do, earn great income and realistically best spending their time in their professions. However, anyone should see value in turning earned income to passive income and passively investing in multifamily real estate is a great way to do diversify from the standard 401k, IRA and stock portfolio.

What about you?

As one begins the passive investing journey, they can choose the lifestyle that suits them: Continue working and passive investing or even become a full-time passive investor. Of course, regardless the path, it takes hard work, both in your day job for earning income and investment capital to begin the snowball and in your education. While you work on the first over the next few years, get educated today. Check out our Passive Investor Startup Guide to find out more about how anyone, working professionals included, can create wealth through passively investing in apartments.

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