Where Your Treasure Is, So Is Your Heart ❤️

This phrase was written many centuries ago, and still is relevant to today. We are people who spend much time thinking about things that begin to consume us. And as a result, those things become our focus. Let’s talk about finances. What I noticed, only from personal experience, is that the upper middle class, especially during the last few years of ”perceived wealth” resulting from new printed money, tend to find new and creative ways to spend money (I and my family was not immune to this).

Needs and Wants

We need a golf cart, an electric car, solar panels, a new phone and so on… This is an endless pursuit of more things we need. And it intrigues me that we call these needs without any sort of conviction. Growing up, I was taught the difference between needs and wants and that most things are wants. I was taught that needs were, shelter, food and love. It is amazing how much we add to the need category as our wealth grows.

I Am Guilty

Like I said, I can easily fall into this trap. But my inspiration for writing this is from a recent thought. By observation, I noticed that the middle class spends their extra time finding new ways to spend money, but not enough time finding new ways to make money. To add, after seeing the needs in my community, we hardly ever find ways to give money (and other basic resources such as food and shelter).

The Challenge

Here is the challenge… Catch yourself when you are brainstorming your next purchase. You likely have extra cash… Instead, think of ways to invest it. Beyond that, think of ways to invest it so that you can give it. We are blessed to bless others.

“If our dreams came true, would the world be different, or just ourselves? – Nicole Olinski, Pastor – Grace Church Melbourne

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