How Real Estate Experience Helps My Broader Investment Strategy ๐Ÿ’ก

I began my investing journey in the stock market. I read lots of books and followed lots of content. No matter how smart I believed I was, my biggest flaw was impatience and short-sightedness. The long-term mindset is always best. I knew that, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not shake the short-sightedness. That is until I began my real estate journey.

Long-Term Investing With Real Estate

Most likely, you are familiar with and appreciate the long-term nature of real estate. Of course you can add value and create quick profits, but real estate is known for its unique inflation-beating characteristics and as a result of passive income streams created by rental income, it pays you to hold it. Having actively invested since 2019, I recognize and appreciate the long-term rewards of holding real estate.

Broader Investing

While real estate has been my primary investment strategy for the last few years, starting in 2021 I took advantage of a few stock investment opportunities by investing in two companies that have a durable competitive advantage, strong fundamentals today and really convincing long term prospects. Sure it feels good to make an unrealized gain of 15% today, but with a longer-term mindset, I would not pay so much attention to the daily volatility in the marketplace.


It is not easy to govern, but self-control is one of the key success factors of high performance investing. Sticking to your fundamentals and criteria and maintaining a long-term investment mindset. To help me with this, I tap back into my real estate experience, recognizing that I would not invest in an asset unless I was willing to own it for over 10 years, and this helps me see past the day to day noise. This is why starting in 2022, I adopted the personal mission to Make Bold, Long Term Investment Decisions.

I encourage you to do the same. Long Term Pays!

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