Networking With Other MultiFamily Real Estate Investors

Networking With Other MultiFamily Real Estate Investors

Making Friends Online

With the creation of the internet, a world of opportunity has been created for learning new topics, sharing ideas and meeting like-minded individuals. Especially when it comes to niches such as horse breeding, Mediterranean diets or multi-family real estate investing, the internet affords people opportunities that they would not have in real life.

For example, as someone who is interested in growing your wealth through multi-family real estate investing, when was the last time that you were in the supermarket and struck up a conversation about apartment syndication? It probably has not happen.

However, by going to Linkedin,, or, you can find a world full of people who share the same mindset, learn from them and collaborate ideas.

Networking Sessions

Furthermore and even better, once you get in the “in” with new friends and associates, you will learn of networking sessions that you can attend to learn, grow and make more friends. My primary channel for generating relationships is through Linkedin and I learn of various webinars and meetups through this channel. Since around the time that I started my multi-family journey, I have probably grown my network by 50x.

One of my favorite networking sessions where I make many new contacts from all over the nation in multi-family real estate. Can you spot me?

How to Network

When you are able to attend one of these networking events, you may feel some anxiety. Just as meeting new people in person can be stressful, so can doing so virtually. Here are a few tips:

  • Breathe: If you are not breathing properly and allowing oxygen to your brain, you may not last long in the sessions
  • Relax: Attend with the understanding that you are there to learn and listen to others. This should take the pressure off of you.
  • Identify your goal: By having first planned your goal, your intro can be easily crafted. For example, my goal for these networking events is to grow my connections of people who I can potentially partner for future opportunities. Your goal may be different from mine. Maybe it is to identify potential opportunities in which you can invest. Maybe it is to simply meet like-minded individuals. There is something for everyone.
  • Plan an introduction: You may have heard it referred to as the “elevator speech,” but even that sounds stressful. An intro is simply who you are, what you do, why you are here, and what you hope to accomplish. Try to keep it concise. Here is my example:

    “Hello, everyone. My name is Rodney Robinson and I am an investor from sunny Melbourne, Florida. I am a working professional with a portfolio of single-family homes and I am now scaling to multi-family assets. I love to network and look forward to sharing ideas and getting to know some of you for potential future partnerships.”

Team Sport

Successful real estate investing is a team sport and requires that mindset. If you are looking to learn more about investing, create new relationships for partnerships and scale your business, networking through online channels is my strongest recommendation. Even if one has millions to invest alone, he or she would still be limited and quickly realize the missing benefits of partnering and collaboration.

Take your education and wealth-creation to the next level by being intentional about networking with like-minded individuals. As your networking becomes more routine, it becomes a habit and discipline. As a next step, consider attending one of my monthly meetups. We would love to have you.

Until next time, safe investing!

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