The Advantage of Mentors In Your Real Estate Investing Career

The Advantage of Mentors In Your Real Estate Investing Career

As a busy professional, we know the importance of time. It took quite a bit of time for us to learn our craft and get where we currently reside in our careers. Today, we spend quite a bit of time on our professions and what is left is devoted to our families and refreshing activities. Then comes real estate. After successfully fitting your business-building time into your schedule, how do you take your investments to the next level? This is where mentors come in.

What Is A Mentor?

First, let me define what a mentor is. A mentor is a more experienced person with whom you have built a close and ongoing relationship that will regularly support you with your goals by listening and sharing guidance.

A few important notes on mentors:

  • This person should have successfully achieved what you hope to accomplish
  • He or she continues to invest and operate at the levels you seek
  • You should certainly ensure there is alignment of values. Values are a big deal and often determine the means to the end goal. Certainly seek out ethical mentors.

Compatibility Is Everything

Based that last point…values…you want to ensure that there is some similarity between you and your mentor. Here is my personal example, which I will start by sharing a little about me and my situation:

  • I am a working professional, so I am busy
  • I have a family, so family values are very important
  • My children and future generations are a key motivation for what drives me

As I begun my journey into multifamily investing, I sought out someone who is investing on the level that I seek to invest, syndicating multiple apartments per year. But I also looked for values. Do we share the same values for family and real estate as a means to an end, which is some important mission? I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Mentors Help You Make It Happen

Mentors help you quickly transform thoughts into actions, and actions into compressed time frames. In other words, you do more in less time. On numerous occasions, I took a major step. In fact, after speaking with my mentor during various stages, I achieved the following:

  • Created a free gift for website visitors: ebook for passive investors
  • Implemented a new concept in my marketing
  • Took a major step on my platform
  • Invested as a limited partner in my first apartment deal

Your Next Step

Each of us has a next step. There is someone out there with more experience and knowledge that can help you take your investing and wealth creation to that next phase. You just need to find him or her.

My mission is to help other working professionals achieve passive income and create massive wealth for future generations. I want to help in any way possible, so reach out today for a virtual handshake!

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