3 Ways To Network With Other Apartment Investors

3 Ways To Network With Other Apartment Investors

As busy professionals who aspire to grow passive income and wealth through real estate estate it can be difficult for us to become immersed in the world of apartment investing. With little available time, it becomes more consuming simply finding the resources to network, let alone making the time. Here are three ways any busy professional can become well-connected with other Apartment investors, both active and passive.

Online Communities

Online communities are great resources to find like-minded individuals on single-subject interests. It is no different for apartment investing. A simple search on the internet should yield results, however, my strongest recommendation is to check out BiggerPockets.com, an online community for real estate investors. Dedicated to all types of niches, there is certainly a section for multifamily and apartment investing. Join the conversation.

Zoom Meetup Calls

As you start meeting people, you will learn of various opportunities to join virtual meetups, most of which are held via zoom. Since 2020, remote working and virtual networking has become common. These are excellent opportunities to join networking calls and events without the bounds of geographical location. For example, I attend Orlando meetups as well as meetups that investors with focuses in any other region of the USA.

Physical Meetups and Conferences

In spite of the usefulness and abundance of virtual calls, there is no replacement for good old-fashioned face to face meeting. As busy professionals, the time is not always there for these events, but when possible, get out there and meet people. Each year, I plan on doing one physical conference to meet others and expand my network. Plan ahead, book the vacation time and make it happen!

A good healthy mix of each of these strategies should help any working professional become well-connected int he apartment investors communities. The more consistently you network over time, the more known you become and the more opportunities you learn about. As you may know, in this business, it is all about relationships.

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