The 5 Greatest Podcasts for Real Estate Investing

The 5 Greatest Podcasts for Real Estate Investing

There is more information than ever on the internet. With abundant content related to tuning a car, playing the ukulele, how to land a new job or writing software, it is kind of hard to make the excuse that we lack the resources to learn anything. There are various mediums through which we can absorb this information: text, video, audio. One of the growing mediums of sharing niche information is podcasts, and you may or may not know this, but there are so many out there dedicated to education and conversation on real estate investing.

I started listening to podcasts in 2013, and it became a great source of my education for real estate investing. Below are the top 5 real estate investing podcasts that most impacted me and a few reasons why I think any active or passive investor should check them out.

Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast

Bigger Pockets was the very first podcast I ever listened to. In 2013, I began losing interest in working for a paycheck for the rest of my life and sought ways to increase wealth outside of my job. I must have Googled “real estate investing” and came across the Bigger Pockets website. Having first found the forum and reading the abundant threads on various areas of investing, I learned that they had just started a podcast where they invite active investors who are crushing it and allow them to tell their story. At the time, the hosts were Joshua Dorkin, the founder of Bigger Pockets, and Brandon Turner. Today, after many years, they have nearly 500 podcasts and the hosts are Brandon Turner and David Greene. They continue to interview countless investors and talk about their experiences, investment strategies and lessons learned. It was through an episode on goal setting that I was moved to finally buy my first investment property.

Check out the Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast here.

Real Estate Guys Radio Show

I had heard about this podcast, but it was not until 2019, while working on my first rental property that I decided to check out the Real Estate Guys. In that night of working on drywall, I was hooked. I could not stop listening to Robert Helms and Russell Gray provide seemingly endless informative content on various real estate strategies, the economy and how to protect your wealth. In nearly each episode, they invite a guest to discuss a key topic or niche related to real estate – syndications, passive investing, financial strategies, hedging against the dollar – it does not stop.

I would argue that The Real Estate Guys podcast is the most dynamic and useful resource for any investor, as Russel and Robert share a wholistic approach to investing based on their many years of being in the game. Not to mention, they have been running this podcast as a radio show for 20+ years. The Real Estate Guys podcast has been instrumental to my understanding of the economy, asset allocation and use of types financial strategies to use in different market cycles. It was by listening to an episode in which Russell gray was discussing converting equity into cash that I decided to refinance my first rental property.

Check out the Real Estate Guys Radio Show here.

Apartment Building Investing w/ Michael Blank

In 2020, I had a conviction to transition my focus from single-family investing to multi-family and wanted to find a resource specifically focused on multi-family investing. I must have simply typed “multi-family investing podcasts” and came across the Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank. One episode led to another and I felt that I was really getting a grasp for the wealth-building power of multi-family investing.

What I gained the most from this podcast is knowing that being an apartment investor is not out of reach and that one does not have to first invest in single-family homes and ‘graduate’ in order to become an apartment investor. Michael Blank’s countless podcast guests are motivation and evidence of this fact. Even further, in July 2020, due to the pandemic, Michael Blank’s annual Deal Maker live conference went virtual and I was able to attend. My knowledge and network increased 100 times over those three days of networking sessions and speakers. I would say that Michael Blank’s podcast was the top resource that caused me to take action in multi-family investing.

Check out the podcast here.

Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice w/ Joe Fairless

As I did more diving into searching for more great resources multi-family investing and apartment syndications, I heard about what many refer to as the absolute best book on the subject. In fact, it is called Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, written by Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks. The book gives thorough overview of apartment syndications and steps anyone can take to become a multi-family syndicator. Joe tells his own story and details how to follow the proven process for accomplishing the same. Very instrumental to my formation of Robinson Capital, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about scaling their real estate investing by becoming an apartment syndicator.

While reading this book, I learned that Joe has a daily (that’s right, daily) podcast where he meets with various guests to talk about apartment syndication. The content is useful to any range from experienced and active syndicators to inexperienced passive investors. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone in between.

Check out the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice podcast here.

The Passive Investor w/ John Fortes

As a result of my multi-family networking that began in 2020, I met many great people that are achieving in apartment investing what I someday hope to achieve. One of them was John Fortes. Since I started blogging in July of 2020, John caught wind of my ability to write on my favorite subject and graciously allowed me an opportunity to write on his blog at the Fortes Company. Much of my initial content was an overview, summary or highlight from episodes from his podcast, The Passive Investor.

The Passive Investor has a unique spin, in that the focus of the show is real estate investing for passive investors. John Brings various guests on the show who are active syndicators and their interview content is refined for the perspective of passive investors. The show discusses how to prepare your finances for passsive investing in real estate, getting to know your syndicator, understanding the market and various tax and retirement strategies. I highly recommend this show for anyone remotely interested in being a passive investor.

Check out the passive investor show here.

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