Robinson Capital

Robinson Capital

Our Mission

What We Do
We and our partners invest in multi-family assets in select markets, providing quality and safe housing for residents and achieving wealth creation for our investors.

How We Invest
We seek value-add opportunities that allow for equity growth through either improvement of operations or physical renovations. 

Where We Invest
We invest in high-growth markets with the proven fundamentals: population growth, employment growth and diversity of jobs. 

Our Strategy

Robinson Capital partners with other active syndicators to acquire multi-family assets in key markets. We monitor the trends of markets to drive our selection of new markets to follow and enter. We follow basic and proven investment fundamentals.

Market Selection
Population – We invest in MSA’s with populations greater than 250,000 and with positive population growth trends. We look at 10-year, 5-year and 1-year population growth and avoid investing in markets with declining populations.

Employment – We seek markets with both relatively low unemployment and strong employment demand. We look for many jobs and future job growth.

Job Diversity – We look for markets where there is breadth across various industries and organizations. We avoid markets that have greater than 20% of jobs concentrated in one industry or organization. 

Great Neighborhoods – To protect investor capital, we seek attractive neighborhoods in great markets. We seek up-and-coming areas in the path to progress with nearby attractions, employment and conveniences.

Value-Add Opportunities – We seek assets that present opportunities to create value for all partners by improving operations or performing physical renovations.

Exit Strategies – With each potential investment, we plan the exit from the investment with conservative timelines for refinancing or selling the asset..

We are patient in acquiring assets and work with potential investors as well as partners to ensure alignment of interest and objectives.

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